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Becoming a lawyer involves a lot of effort and devotion. You spend long years studying and learning to become a certified and qualified lawyer who is ready to embark on the world of lawsuits and legal issues. But all this effort does pay off at the end.  Being a lawyer has its own unique benefits. Before anyone decides to become a lawyer they should be aware of the amount of the effort and dedication it takes to be one. In this article we will talk about the best benefits of the profession and why we think that you should learn to be a lawyer.

  1. A great earning potential:

Lawyers are among the most paid people in the economy in most countries. Most lawyers will make an average salary that is way higher than other professions. This will differ according to the legal firm they are working at, their level at the firm and the county or region where the firm is located. But as a rule, lawyers who work for multinational and corporate legal firms usually make a lot of money and this amount of increases as their level increases.

  1. You will know your rights:

Apart from making big money, you will always have your back covered in legal matters. You can easily go through banking and real estate issues. Even if this is not your area of expertise, you will have some sort of legal knowledge that would help you to go through different aspects of life while you know some all of legal rights, what to do and what not to do.

  1. You can know your way around the law:

Being a law student or a lawyer doesn’t mean that you are above the law or that you can break it but it means that you can get around it well. A lot of people don’t know that they can get around a lot of fines and tickets just by paying attention to some of the little details but as someone who is aware of the legal whereabouts will know that you don’t have to pay every parking ticket or fine.

  1. You will become more convincing:

A part of your training as a lawyer will involve becoming more convincing and use more evidence to support your point of view. Law school will teach you how to tackle different conflicts with different types of people and what is the best way to deal with each one. You will be able to understand and evaluate the mindset of the person in front of you and how to choose the way that is best to approach different people. You might not be always right but training to become a lawyer will definitely help you convince others that you are.

  1. You will get the chance to help others:

Lawyers have the opportunity to offer their help to individuals, groups and organizations who are struggling with legal problems. A lot of times, public lawyers will offer their help and services to people who can’t afford to pay for these services as a way that they choose to give back to the society. Even high profile lawyers will choose to do pro bono work (for free)  to  give legal assistance especially to elderly and senior citizens , victims of abuse and other low income people who can’t pay for legal services even if they need them.

  1. You will gain the skill of negotiation:

Training and working to become a lawyer will teach you a lot about the art of negotiation whichis a skill that you will learn over time. You will learn that everything can be negotiated and that learning about the 2 sides of a situation can help you prepare a counterargument that will help you to win. From negotiating your salary, to a raise to even choosing the place to dine out with friends, you will not go wrong.

  1. You will learn about diversity and equality:

Whether we like it or not, diversity and equality don’t usually go hand in hand. This means that most of the time, our views on equality will be affected by how we were brought up and where do we live and work. But in the eyes of law everybody is equal and everybody has the same rights and obligations. This will also teach you how law is viewed and applied in different ways according to the different views of those who have to deal with it.

  1. You will have the opportunity to influence others:

From small first line lawyers to big law makers, lawyers have the chance to influence and affect the lives of others every day. Lawyers make and write the laws that govern our lives every day. They decide on what is right and what is wrong and they even influence policy makers. They also affect the daily life of others.