If you are in the events department of a company, or you are organising a conference or event as part of your marketing strategy for the year, it is important to maximise the benefits of the event. One way to make sure that you get the most from your investment in something as important as a conference, business networking meeting, or exhibition, is to transcribe the speeches and keynote addresses. Business transcription is an ever-important part of the marketing mix and you can use it to good advantage when you are hosting a conference or event. Find out why you should use conference transcription here:

Share Your Content After the Event

An event is a short-lived thing – but you can help the conference live on in people’s minds by transcribing it. Even when the whole event is over, you can still make use of the conference when you have the speeches and information transcribed in full detail. The people who couldn’t attend the conference can read what went on, and those that were there can recap on the important parts and use the information at a later date.

Turn Conference Transcriptions into Marketing Materials

You don’t just have to offer the transcription of a keynote speech to your clients as it is. You can give the transcription to a writer who can create an informative blog post from the words. Or you can repackage a transcribed speech as an e-book or an in-depth whitepaper. By using content that has already been created, but in a different format, you extend the reach of your conference and get value from speakers long after the event has ended.

Use Your Conference Transcription for Training Purposes

You can also use transcription services to write up speeches which can be used for training purposes. Analyse the content of the conference at a later date to see what worked. You can even check when the audience laughed, commented, or asked questions. A conference is always better for marketing purposes when it is analysed. You can use what worked well at the next event, and improve on aspects that were not quite as successful. If you were the speaker, it is invaluable to get a copy of your speech so you can fine-tune your delivery for next time, or work out what was most effective so that you can do more of the same in the future.

Give Attendees Something to Take Away

If you get a quick turnaround on your transcription services you can give attendees a printout of the conference to take away with them, or you can email the written document to attendees after the conference. It helps people to remember what they learned and heard when it is written down. It also serves to provide more value for attendees. Plus, you can reinforce your brand through logo and corporate colours when you design the conference takeaway package.

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