WhatsApp has been working on adding a number of new features to its Android app. Recently, reports indicated that the company is working on adding Blocked Contact Notice and Grouped Blocked Contacts features on to its Android app. Now a new report indicates the Facebook-owned social messaging app is working on adding a new multiple device support feature to its Android app soon.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the blog that tracks developments in the popular social messaging app, WhatsApp is likely to get Multiple Device Support feature soon. This is similar to the Registrations Notifications feature that the company recently rolled out on the beta version of its iOS based app. So what does this feature do? It essentially notifies users whenever someone tries to log into their accounts or register a new WhatsApp account with users’ phone numbers. This in turn would enhance the privacy of WhatsApp’s overall system by not giving other users accidental access to a user’s account and data.

However, it is worth noting that this feature is still in the works and the company has not started rolling out this feature to its users yet.

Apart from the multiple device support feature, WhatsApp is also working on working on redesigning its photo icon. The social messaging app has updated the icons that represents sent and received images in the chat list. Earlier the icon looked like a camera, the redesigned image looks somewhat similar to the Gallery icon in the Android phones. This is minor update and it is available as a part of WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.19.345.

Talking about Blocked Contact Notice and Grouped Blocked Contacts features that will be coming to Android soon, the first feature would allow users to unblock a blocked contact in the chat window of the contact simply by tapping on the chat notification in the individual chat window. The other feature will automatically group all of users’ blocked contacts in a list based on a specific criteria. The app would seggregate all of users’ business contacts under a different section. Both these features are still in works and should be available to users soon.