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The United States covers almost 7.6 million square kilometers of the North American continent and is one of the largest countries in the world. Canada borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south, touching the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes. Due to its size, the United States covers most types of climate: tropical, desert, oceanic, alpine, subarctic and Mediterranean climates. And its territory is equally diverse: mountains, lakes, deserts, coasts, forests, beaches, swamps, valleys, and plains.

The United States has a lot to offer to those who travel there. Examples of a wonderful trip would include the beautiful city of New York, Florida with its magnificent climate, the fun city of Las Vegas which is celebrated around the world, or California with its unbelievable scenery and magnificent coastline. The list is endless, and everyone can find something to their flavor! Here you will find tips for preparing the safest trip to the United States at affordable prices by using Yatra Coupon Code for flight  booking.

You have decided to go to the States for pleasure, business or work. We have prepared the list of practical information to know to prepare your departure. These obvious prerequisites will be essential for you to make the most of your experience in the USA.

Visa and passport – Before leaving, make sure you have everything you need there. Starting with your visa, all documents must be in order. Your passport must be machine readable (PLM) and valid for the duration of your trip to the United States. The name on the airline ticket must be written exactly the same as in the passport. You should have a reserved return ticket so that US authorities do not think you intend to stay in the United States illegally. Without a return ticket, you may not be able to enter the country.

It is a huge country – This country is so vast that you will undoubtedly need several years to discover all the landscapes. If you are only leaving two weeks, try to limit yourself to a part of the country, especially if you want to take the time to discover the specificities of each city.

On the West Coast, you will not be able to miss San Francisco, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. To get around, there’s nothing like renting a car or even a camper. The East Coast is not far behind, and you can discover the mythical city of New York, but also Washington, Chicago or Miami.

Clothing – Be sure to carry clothes precisely as you need. Though many parts of the US is warm in summer, the nights are quite cold. It is necessary to find the correct weather forecast before you travel and pack accordingly.

The imperial system of measure – Visitors from most nations have difficulty understanding distance in miles. Temperature is measured in, and this can be very confusing. The speed limit is also measured in miles which is considerably more than kilometers.

Immense security – If you are traveling through the US make sure you arrive quite early at airports. The security check is very detailed. It is best not to wear shoes with laces since you would take them of at least a couple of times. The airports are vast, and it can be indeed difficult to find the proper gate for your departure. Departure announcements are only made at the entrance itself and not across the airport.

Be respectful to servicing staff – US is a more equal country, and everyone enjoys the same rights. Behave well with bus drivers, and serving staff. They are not considered as laborers as is usually done in many other countries.

Language – Most Americans speak English though about 20% of inhabitants near the southern border speak Hispanic. Since the Indian accent is difficult to understand and thus be careful to speak slowly.

Be sure to carry insurance – Health care is extremely expensive in the USA. Carrying health insurance at all times is necessary. Overseas health insurance can be purchased in any country in the world. It is also safe to insure baggage.

Enjoy the vast national parks – In the United States, enjoy one of the treasures of the country, the 58 national parks. National parks with an area of 84 million hectares throughout the country are as diverse and unique as the United States itself. While it is easy to stay with the main players (Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Great Smoky Mountains), do not neglect some of the lesser known parks where you will find fewer people, cheaper or no entrance fees and many beautiful landscapes by making your complete itinerary with available Goibibo Offers for adventure travel plans.


Be careful about cultural sensitivities. In the United States, some prevailing cultural norms must be respected. First of all, remember that while many Americans speak negatively about their country of origin, it is not uncommon for the same people to defend themselves with great force when you talk negatively about the United States.