Well, you’ve had a week to think about it and the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) got a warm reception, stealing the spotlight from its bigger Galaxy A7 (2016) sibling (which got a tentatively positive response).

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) got 63% Hot votes. It also garners more interest when we compare specs page visits – the A5 (2016) is in the Top 10, slightly above the old A5.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) is slightly behind that (right outside the Top 10) and the voting was more evenly split – the A7 (2016) got 57% Hot votes.

here are two more phones in the A 2016 series – the smallest of the bunch, the Galaxy A3 (2016), and the biggest, the Galaxy A9 (2016). Both of them stray from the current ideals of screen size though and are less popular than their siblings, 5 and 7.


[Source:- gsmarena]