James Ware, a YouTube personality in Britain, has claimed to have built the world’s longest selfie stick but his unusually long monopod may not guarantee a stunning selfie.

Currently, the Guinness World Record for building the world’s longest selfie stick is held by Ben Stiller, who used his 8.56 metre monopod to click selfies at the London premiere of “Zoolander 2” earlier this month. But Ware was determined to break the record, tech website cnet.com reportedon Friday.

So he went shopping for bits of tape and pipe that cost him around $62. Using the material, he built a selfie stick that he said measured 9.57 metres.

“I’m just trying to get a new profile picture,” he explained to a security officer in London’s Trafalgar Square where he went to click a selfie.

But the officer didn’t feel secure so Ware had to go elsewhere.

Although Ware successfully got his selfie using the stick, his iPhone also captured a passing truck quite well. He looked like a man who was desperately trying to stop a lamppost from falling in a windstorm, cnet.com said.

He admitted that his pose made him look like he was “taking a slash” – a British slang for urinating.

Moreover, there was no one from the Guinness World Records organisation to witness his feat.

Ware may not have been successful to be able to register his name with the Guinness World Records this time, but he got ample admirations from his followers on YouTube for the feat.


[Source:- Ibnlive]