Want a top grade in Delhi University? Score over 100%

New Delhi: Now, a 100% marks might not be sufficient enough to get you the ‘Outstanding’ grade in Delhi University.

Yes, according to the relative grading system introduced in Delhi University’s undergraduate courses, students will now have to score more than 100% marks to get the top O (outstanding) grade in some subjects as part of the choice-based credit system (CBCS).

After the first semester results of Delhi University’s undergraduate courses were out, it was found out that the to achieve the top O’ grade in some subjects under CBCS, students will have to score more than cent percent marks.

The examiners will now to convert absolute marks into letter grades and grade points through a UGC-devised formula.

According to Kirori Mal College Economics teacher Saumyajit Bhattarcharya it has become almost impossible for Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Biochemistry students to achieve the ‘O’ grade with the introduction of this method. Bhattarcharya, who used the UGC formula for 2013 scores in an optional paper, realised that obtaining 100 marks can get them only A+ whereas, students will have to score 108 marks to achieve an ‘O’ grade in an optional paper.

He also figured out that while few students in First Year History managed to get ‘O’, not a single student managed to get the same in Mathematics, which is a more scoring paper. Instead, due to the UGC grading method, most of students managed to get only ‘B’ in Mathematics.

With the introduction of the new change, teachers in DU now fear that the new grading system may hamper students’ individual performance.


[Source:- zee news]