Vuzix has unveiled its Blade 3000 smart glasses, which are aiming to be the first product to do smart glasses right and find success doing so.
With a name like Blade 3000, you’d expect these glasses to be thicker and less fashionable than anything you’d usually want to put on your face, and you’d be right. Vuzix hasn’t delivered a stylish product at all, but you won’t be worrying about what you look like when you have a miles per hour gauge on your face while cycling.
The Blade 3000 is testament to the fact that when it comes to smart glasses, we haven’t got there yet, but we’re certainly on our way. The main reason why the arms of the glasses are so thick is because they’re bursting to the seams with technology. For starters, they house a tiny projector that powers a display to the right lens of the eyeware. There’s also a 64GB storage module that allows the glasses to perform when it comes to software and apps. Finally, a Bluetooth chip has been installed to provide connectivity from the glasses to your device of choice.
The glasses also pack a punch when it comes to all the tracking tech necessary to make sure it will deliver when third parties start to make applications for it. The glasses are home to a GPS sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, so even if you don’t know where you are your glasses do. There’s also a touchpad on the glasses themselves along with a noise-cancelling microphone.


Although the Blade 3000 has a ton of functionality, the software is still in the early stages of development — however Vuzix is confident that the final product will be able to take calls, check notifications, post on social media and text people for you.
When it comes to third party apps there is a ton of tantalising potential for what the device could do. But for now everything is just a hypothesis — a fitness application could show how many calories you have left as you eat for instance, or a cycling app could show you the speed you’re cycling as you travel. The Blade 3000 will only succeed if there is a ton of third parties creating new and exciting content for it.
Vuzix doesn’t currently have plans to launch a consumer version of this product, however they are going to engage with businesses when the device launches to try and build third party support from the outset.




[Source:- T3]