Women! If you ever imagined of a gadget which could turn into something monstrous with a click of a button when someone tried to grope you or touch you, it was not unnatural.

Every time a woman is groped in dark or a man tries to be too touchy with her in crowded places, she wishes for a gadget that scares the hell out of men.

Well, getting gadgets that give out electric current or turns into a porcupine during unpleasant situations may take time but you can always seek help from police personnel.

In this regard, Studio Eeksaurus has developed a string of animated videos which can visually make you wish come true.

Eeksaurus, jointly with Mumbai Police and Ogilvy, have released some funny yet strong animated videos in a bid to promote Mumbai Police’s women helpline number 103, where you can register cases of sexual harassment.

“We aim to inform as many women as possible about the helpline number that has been made available for them by the Mumbai Police. In giving the twist of humour through creative animation, we are confident of reaching out to the maximum number of people who will not only enjoy the film but also understand the message that we are sending through the film,” said Suresh Eriyat, Founder & Creative Director, Eeksaurus.

The videos, which have been interestingly conceptualized around the theme of gadgets, show items like ‘Bagzilla’, the monster in a bag, ‘Porcupine Jacket’, which drives through perverts at the push of a button, and ‘Intergalactic Pest Control’, who are present in their little spaceship to deal with miscreants at a women’s beck and call in troubled situations.

The animated short films take us on a new perspective on a persistent social issue.

In ‘Porcupine Jacket-Free hugs to molesters’ video, the film shows how a woman deals with a drunkard using the jacket. Though, it is hypothetical, the video encourages women in distress to call 103.


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