Twitter for Android Gets Automatic Night Mode

Twitter for Android bumps to version 7.2
It introduces the new automatic night mode feature
This comes a week after Twitter’s overhauled interface
Twitter has updated its Android app to introduce automatic night mode for all its users. First, the app featured a manual toggle that allowed it to switch to night mode, but with version 7.2, it can now be turned on and off automatically as well. This feature went into beta last week, and has now been rolled out to all users on Android.

With version 7.2, Twitter for Android introduces automatic night mode feature that switches to night mode at sunset, and comes back to normal mode at sunrise – on its own. This version also disables the dark theme for good. After updating the Android app, the first time you toggle the night mode switch in the navigation drawer, the app will prompt you with “want night mode to work automatically?”
Tapping on ‘yes’ will replace the toggle with the words ‘Automatic’. However, you can disable it whenever you want by pressing the night mode option again. It will prompt you with the option to disable it and return to manual controls. You can also access this through Settings and Privacy > Display and Sound. A new dropdown appears giving you several options for night mode.

This comes just a week after Twitter overhauled its interface for Web, Apps, TweetDeck, and Twitter Lite. Twitter claims that the new design emphasises simplicity, making it faster and easier to use, with bolder headlines and more intuitive icons. It also changed users’ profile images from square-shaped to round. On its apps and TweetDeck, tweets “now update instantly with reply, Retweet, and like counts so you can see conversations as they’re happening.”