The 21st century is in full swing and every day we are seeing cool new gadgets and stuff released by both tech giants and backhouse tinkerers. Instagram, the most popular photo sharing platform, has a number of bloggers who constantly unearth and post photos and reviews of these gadgets. Here we are sharing links to the six best Instagram tech blogs you can follow.

If the latest and greatest is what you are looking for, Marques Brownley constantly posts some of the coolest tech and gadget updates on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

A blog for the smartphone lovers. If you like Android phones with premium looks and superb cameras, this the blog for you. They just launched the Lava Z25, one of the best camera phones in its segment, check out its awesome features @lava_mobiles.

With an assortment of some sensible and some outlandish tech and gadgets, @thegadgetflow will have you browsing all day long.

A blog especially for women tech enthusiasts, @madewithcode has a slightly different tone to its posts. The blog posts have a colorful flavor to keep the ladies interested in all the titbits of latest tech releases.

Another enthusiast tech blog, Bane Tech posts some really cool stuff and exclusive reviews from the smart gadgets industry. Most of their reviews have a candid tone to keep it from getting boring.

Are you using Instagram on your Android phone? If not, download the app from Google Play Store, today. It’s completely free and totally fun.