Music in the car is something that many people are accustomed to and would not be able to live without. It is a great way to relax in the car and have a bit of fun. You already know that you want to listen to music in your car but did you know there are many ways you can do that? Continue reading to find out about the top 5 ways you can listen to all kinds of music in your car.


Radio is probably the easiest and most common way people listen to music in their car. The great thing about radio is that you can choose the station you listen to but not necessarily the specific song. However, if you find some stations that you like, you will probably hear songs that you enjoy listening to. You are not limited to songs and music, either. You can find some talk shows and CA traffic information on the AM stations too. The radio is always something you can listen music though no matter the time of day.

Satellite Radio

Another popular option that has become common is satellite radio. It is very similar to radio in that there are a variety of stations, more variety really. However, this is not an option in many older cars like radio is. Newer cars tend to have this capability but if you have an older car, you may need to get a satellite radio installed in your car so you can listen to it. Unlike radio, satellite radio costs you money to listen to it. You can buy monthly packages or prepay for an extended period of time. Satellite radio allows you to listen to stations from all over the country instead of just the locally provided ones.


While CDs may seem a bit old school, they are still a very common way to listen to music in your car. CDs are still sold all over the United States and if you have a CD player, then you can easily listen to the ones you own. The great thing about listening to CDs is that you can listen to the songs you want to listen to whenever you want and how many times you want. If you want to listen to “Baby Got Back” 20 times in a row, you can do that and no one can stop you. If you have people in the car, they may judge you, but this is your car and your music.

Auxiliary and Downloaded Music

If you have a smart phone and a place to plug an auxiliary cord into your car from it, then you can listen to music from your phone through your speakers. You can listen to anything that you have downloaded on your phone or even listen to music from YouTube or other music websites. Once you have the phone hooked up to the car through your auxiliary cord, you will be able to listen to anything you can find on your phone. Just be careful not to use all of your data listening to music you do not have downloaded.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you have Bluetooth capabilities on your phone and your car, then you can connect your phone through Bluetooth and listen to music the same way you would with your auxiliary cable. However, if you have Wi-Fi in your vehicle, you do not have to worry about using your data when listening to music through your phone. This is probably the most technologically advanced way to listen to music in your car and you can do it with ease.

Make sure you are staying safe on the road while listening to music! Loud instrumentals may be distracting and the reason behind that cop pulling you over. As long as you stay in tune to the road as well as to the music, you can avoid going to traffic school and paying over-the-top fees for traffic tickets.