Shared hosting is the most widely used web hosting services that hold millions of website on the internet. In shared hosting, there are hundreds of sites that are placed on a single high server that shares the CPU, RAM, the internet and other hosting key features. Because of the shared resources, it is the most affordable and commonly used solution for the webmasters.

In today’s world, no matter what type of business you own; you will need a website for the firm. And that is why web hosting is of so much in demand. A good service provider like cloudAxis usually provides the must have unlimited domain hosting deals that ensure excellent customer service along with good security. Do not get encouraged by the term universal being used everywhere, as most of the people get attracted and motivated to everything that is given in an unlimited quantity without even thinking of what the quality type is.

To run a WordPress blog or a website is not at all an easy work to do. You will have to take care of all the content, the marketing, social media, site designing, and so many more things need to consider. But before going any further, you have to make sure that your WordPress website is working smoothly and your WordPress hosting provider isn’t creating any problems or issues regarding it.

Cloud Axis Managed Hosting Compare

Most of the web hosting companies usually focus on offering affordable solutions. You get charged not more than $5 to get an account done with a Shared Hosting Provider. By quality hosting or managed to host that is created mainly for WordPress users is becoming highly popular among the WordPress Bloggers and the developers.

Top 10 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting Are:

1. WP Engine

(It loads under 0.26seconds and starts at $29, and it comes with a great support)

WP Engine is considered as the 2017 best managed hosting options available in the market. The price is quite higher as compared to Cloud Axis Hosting , but the company emphasizes on providing an excellent support team, with faster loading times, and secure servers.

It has a team of experts on WordPress who keep the site fast and reliable, and it’s one of the most demanding hosting companies on the internet. Brands that use this software are HTC, Foursquare, and SoundCloud.

2. SiteGround

It loads under 0.4seconds and a start at $7.95 where Cloud Axis is providing at 0.99$ , and it usually responds to support questions in 15 minutes.

It is perfect software for those who do not want to spend more money on the expensive hosting providers. SiteGround offers different WordPress speed along with security at a very reasonable price. It also provides all the shared hosting features for free such as the WordPress installation, free domain name, free WordPress migration, support, email accounts and many more features for only $3.95 a month.

3. Flywheel

It loads under 1second and costs $15 but Cloud Axis is providing more powerful hosting at 4.50$. It has an amazing dashboard, various useful features, and a ton of satisfied and happy customers.

It was built with the designers and creativity in mind that offers managed to host that suits their needs. It focuses on streamlining the workflow for the web developers everywhere. They offer very reasonable prices that start from $15 per month.

4. Bluehost WP Hosting

It loads under 2seconds and starts at $12.49 but Cloud Axis is available at 4.50$ with more powerful than Blue host, and comes with an evil custom support

It promises fast and very secure managed WordPress Hosting at an affordable cost. The most basic plan allows for 100million visits per month and involves 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, and 30GB backup storage. It offers an enhanced Cpanel and a customer support from WordPress experts, and up to 5 ManageWP sites for any added convenience.

The price starts from $12.49 for the initial month and then it switches to $24.99 per month.

5. Kinsta

It is a fast managed hosting solution for the WordPress that is powered by the Google Cloud Platform itself. The most important feature of this hosting provider is that it offers an unlimited visitors and an unlimited number of page views with all of their plans.But the pricing is too high to afford by the regular hosting users , so we suggest Cloud Axis as best.

The customer support team works 24/7 to provide Kinsta’s customers with the best quality service.

6. Pagely Hosting

It loads in 0.09seconds and starts at $99 per month and the overall perfect hosting for blog businesses but Cloud Axis is providing the same service at 30$

This hosting provider is well known for its managed WordPress hosting with a great push on security. It focuses on offering quality type security along with faster loading websites. It has some super features like autonomic WordPress Core updates, daily backups, plug-ins updates, and Press Armor that will help to keep the bad things out of your website.

It starts with a price of $24 per month and up to 25000 visitors to the page.

7. Pressable

It loads under 2seconds and starts at $25 which is too high for the beginner but Cloud Axis is much better

It was formerly known as ZippyKid, is a unique Managed Hosting service that advertises itself a top service provider for customer satisfaction. The services are built on custom RankSpace hardware along with an appealing list of clients and testimonials.

The prices start from $25 per month and that it is capable of tackling 15000 shared pageviews per month.

8. WebSynthesis

It uses the NGINX architecture to sustain two times the traffic while consuming 1/8 of the resources. The plans start from $47 per month but Cloud Axis is using Twisted Apache and no downtime.

9. VIP

The prices start from $5000 per month and are specially made for the high-traffic websites like Time, GigaOM, MSNBC, and TechCrunch. This hosting provider is a perfect match for those who are looking for an enterprise level of the solution.

10. DreamHost Web Hosting

It is a wallet friendly hosting provider, but this outstanding hosting service is best only for those who are very much experienced and are a high level of experts in websites, administration. It makes it quite easy and reliable to create useful and creative pages that are stable and attractive at the same time as well for the business. This hosting provider is not for the newcomers.

But we finally found cloud axis hosting as one of the best hosting company for their features and support, You can check features of cloud axis hosting support as they are much reliable than the above mentioned hosting company.