Smartphones are the small computers that can be carried anywhere and it fits perfect in a pocket. Today’s Smartphones are more powerful than the computers used by NASA to reach the Moon for the first time. That contradicts how fast these handsets are being evolved. This is possible because of the sheer necessity of this device in our life.

Hence most of the Phone manufactures experiment in their upcoming devices in order to gain more profit over their adversaries. However, these companies are not well versed in building every aspects of a phone. So, they merge with another company to bring out the best in class device to the market.

This trend of joining hands with other manufacturers for particular parts of the Smartphone is commonly known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The OEMs are many in market which is cost effective way to produce gadgets. Here is the list of OEMs in the market that rule Smartphone business, reports PhoneArena.

vivo Electronics Corporation was founded in 2009 by the parent company BBK Electronics – a famous electronic company from China specialized in manufacturing television sets, mp3 players, digital cameras and cell phones.

vivo currently operate only in Asian countries and only support ‘Android’ as OS in their device, still they have managed to land on the 10 spot with 9.3 million units produced. That makes the 2.7 percent of share in the global Smartphone market for this year so far.