This iPhone 7 dream concept is as fantastical as they get

What does the phone of your dreams look like?
Imagine it for a second and then come back to reality: do you see any device that would fulfill that dream?
While dreaming up of that mystery gadget, Ukraine-based designed Herman Haidin came up with a fantastical concept that carries some resemblance to reality… until you start reading the actual specs.
This iPhone 7 concept imagines a future, where Apple has completely done away with physical buttons and ports in favor of wireless connectivity interfaces. What is the benefit of that in this fantastical concept? Well, an imagined iPhone 7 thickness of just 3mm. That is, of course, thinner than reality allows at the moment: the slimmest of phones max out at around 5mm thickness, while mass market devices like the iPhone measure around the 7mm mark to be considered very slim.
Hey, if dreamy stuff is what you’re looking for, then how about this concept also having a 5″ front AND rear screen, plus a 16-nanopixel camera. Whatever that means! Check out the whole thing right below and share your thoughts about the ideal phone in the comments right below.
[Souce:- Phonearena]