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Major work of the National Council for Educational Research and Training is the revision of curriculum based on the subject wise textbooks. Curriculum and syllabus are extremely crucial for students in their education. This is mainly decided by the state and central board of education. It has an exercise wise framework, which involves academics, teachers and others. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths is prepared by highly experienced faculty based on the latest syllabus. The last exercise to design the framework involved various committees who worked on improving the quality of education. After designing the textbooks, the National Monitoring Committee for Textbooks, set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development provides approval.

NCERT textbooks are designed based on the needs of rural children nationwide. Pictorial presentation of topics improves the process of learning with better conceptual knowledge. Many students devote more importance to books published by private publishers rather than NCERT books. This confusion arises among both students and parents, owing to the large number of books available in the current market. The main aim of NCERT is to design and maintain a common education system in the entire country. At present, students from Class 1 to 12 can obtain various study materials to score well in the annual exams. The content in the books are in an explanatory manner, with aim to retain interest among students based on their intellectual abilities. Students who wish to perform well in the class exam can use NCERT textbook as a major reference material. .

The books are in an easy to read and understandable format, based on the grasping capacity of students. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 13 explains the concept of symmetry, which is important from the exam standpoint. NCERT books provide better understanding of concepts among students, rather than just solving problems. It helps students answer questions which might appear in the exam without mugging up textbook problems. Currently, school going students face a lot of issues in understanding concepts in Mathematics. To overcome this issue, NCERT textbook contains both solved examples and exercise wise problems to boost performance in the class exam. Teachers in school try their best to help students understand concepts and solve problems, with ease.

NCERT books are the best study material for students as they are curated by faculty having vast knowledge about the concepts. The problems are based on the frequently asked questions in the previous years. This improves logical approach in solving problems among students and to perform well in the exam. The solved examples and exercise wise problems help students gain a clear idea about the concepts covered under each chapter. The explanations in simple language help students understand the method of solving problems easily.