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A brand new gameplay video for Ubisoft’s forthcoming action-MMO shooter, The Division, shows fans how to create and play as a Tank character within the title.

Although The Division lacks an actual class system that allows players to choose between specific character archetypes at the outset of the game (one of the ways it plans to separate itself fromDestiny with differences), it doesn’t mean that gamers can’t build precisely the kind of Agent that they want within the title. In fact, should fans wish to play as a Tank — that is, an RPG unit that can withstand ridiculously large amounts of damage — the YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has put together an incredibly helpful gameplay video showing folks exactly how to utilize the upcoming Ubisoft release’s skill trees to do so.

However, with the release date for The Division being about two weeks away, it’s important to note that Arekkz Gaming and the fans won’t be able to actually test out how effective the Tank build will be until it launches. That said, though, considering the fact that a huge portion of gamers have been able to take part in the third-person shooter’s gameplay by way of a recent open beta weekend, the advice is rooted in solid experience.

As seen in the video below, Arekkz begins by explaining attribute points including firearms, stamina, electronics, as well as the types of gear that players can carry, and by quickly breaking down how character customization works. With that in mind, the most important attributes for a Tank build to focus on would be stamina and electronics, since this particular character model is chiefly meant to protect team members against enemies. Furthermore, fans who wish to create a Tank Agent will need to have the primary skill be a Ballistic Shield, as it not only draws the attention of opponents, but also absorbs a substantial amount of damage.


Since Tank players will be provoking enemies to focus on themselves during firefights, staying alive is also quite important, which means that use of the Kinetic Breaker is imperative, as it grants users a small portion of incoming damage as HP. Also, after reaching the Master level with the shield, it will begin to slowly repair itself to full health after all the harm that’s been done to it.

The second skills Tank builds will need to consider using is either First Aid for the Overdose branch, as it will assist in steadily healing allies on a near-constant basis, or Support Station paired with Ammo Cache, which will not only provide a restorative safe-haven for team members, but also a regeneration of rounds for weapons. On top of all this, Tank classes will need to use Survival Link as well, for it will make the user and nearby partners more agile and resistant to injury.

The Division Cleaners Furnace

Finally, with skills out of the way, Tanks should equip the talents Critical Save, Strike Back, On the Move, and Repo Reaper, which will max out four available slots for selection. For extra assistance in planning strategies and keeping track of these tips, fans should check out Miodec’s skill calculator.

Of course, as Arekkz points out in the footage above, The Division players are free to switch up skills and talents on the fly, which should allow for a more diverse combat experience overall, and help  Ubisoft keep its promise of the shooter being a multiplayer title with infinite gameplay. Over and above all, though, once The Division finally hits the market, it’ll hopefully live up to fans’ expectations of it being one of the most anticipated video games of 2016.

The Division is set to release on March 8, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


[Source:- Gamerant]