collectors gadgets, vintage gadgets, old Apple gadgets, vintage apple gadgets in India, vintage nokia phones, olx vintage gadgetsTake a little trip back in time to look at five forgotten gadgets of the past.

Back in the late 2000s, Britney Spears was ruling the charts and the iPod was the coolest product in the market. It was the era when point and shoot cameras were sold for as high as $800 and Nokia was the leading mobile phone maker. Of course, no tech conversations in those days was complete without the mention of Motorola Razr V3 and BBM.

While those gadgets were discontinued years ago and some even forgotten, they still do have the nostalgia factor. For those who are interested in vintage tech, there is good news! Below is a list of iconic gadgets that can be bought in on sites like Olx, Quikr or even from the grey market vendors in your area.

Nokia N-Gage

Although the Nokia N-Game was a colossal commercial failure, it will always be remembered as one of the first gaming phones to hit the market. The idea behind the N-Gage was to deliver GameBoy Advance-like quality games in a phone form factor. It was sort of a hybrid device with a built-in handheld console and Symbian-based mobile phone.

It wasn’t perfect, though. Many found the N-Gage too expensive and some even complained about its awkward shape that made taking calls difficult. What also went against the device was the limited catalogue of games. Despite many issues, everyone wanted the Nokia N-Gage at one point. The phone often surfaces on Olx. The value of a used Nokia N-Gage hovers between Rs 4,000 and Rs 15,000 depending on the condition.

Motorola Razr V3

Motorola Razr V3 was the sexiest flip phone of its time, and by the time it went off the shelves, the company had sold 130 million units. In every sense, the V3 was ahead of the competition. Holding the Motorola Razr V3 was seen as a fashion statement with a satisfying snap when you shut it. The V3 was not only a premium phone but also looked the part.

At the time of its launch, it was the thinnest phone in the world. How much did it cost in 2004? A cool $500 with a 2-year contract. Yes, that was the price you had to shell out to own the Razr. Today, a fully functional but used Razr V3 is priced anywhere between Rs 2600 and Rs 7,000.

Apple iPod Classic 160GB (Sixth generation)

The iPod Classic (the 6th Generation iPod) is a highly collectible item among Apple fans. The typical value of a standard 6th generation iPod Classic (originally offered in 80 GB and 120GB models) is around Rs 5,000 and Rs 9,000. But the 160GB model, in particular, can cost over Rs 10,000. The reason you should buy the iPod Classic 160GB is simple: this model is closest to the original in terms of design and can hold over 40,000 songs.

If you are a true music aficionado and a DJ, then you should buy the iPod Classic 160GB. It was also the final iPod from the original line. Apple officially discontinued the iPod Classic in 2014 and made dedicated MP3 players redundant. Apple still sells the iPod Touch in the market powered by the A8 chipset and running iOS 13.

Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB)

When Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in 2006, it created headlines for being the most expensive game console in the market. If you ever spot a 60GB PS3 on Olx or Quikr in a working condition, think yourself lucky. If you look on eBay in the US or the UK, a sealed unit of the 60GB PS3 can cost 600 pounds. That’s the price for a console that was launched for $600.

Even after years, the PS3’s popularity in the second-hand console market hasn’t dipped. Probably because of its looks and features. Just for your knowledge, the 60GB PS3 has backward compatibility for both PS1 and PS2 games and two additional USB ports than successive models. As a result, people are not willing to sell the “fat” PS3, making it harder to get.

Tips for buying vintage devices online

*First things first, you need to understand the difference between a vintage device and any other used product. Vintage simply means something special – a product that has proven to remain timeless for any number of reasons. Take the case of the Apple iMac G4 or the original iPhone.

* Do your research if you are looking to buy a vintage device online.

*If you are bidding, don’t place the highest bid. Wait until it’s down or increase your bid.

*Many of Nokia’s old mobile phones are so rare now that they have become collectibles. Nokia 7820, Nokia 7600, and Nokia 6800 are some of the highly collectible Nokia phones.

*Old Vertu phones are worth a fortune.

*You can find plenty of old BlackBerry phones online, starting at Rs 400.

*There’s a plethora of vintage cameras on sale right now, and some of them are increasing becoming collector’s items.

*It is hard to find Sony’s iconic Vaio PCs online, such as the Vaio UX.

Nintendo Wii

Not only did the Nintendo Wii revolutionise video gameplay, but it also introduced a new generation of players to video games. Thanks to an innovative wireless motion controller, the Wii allowed players to physically participate in the games they play – and that proved to be a game-changer.

With over 110 million Wiis sold worldwide and hundreds of titles, Nintendo’s cult home console will always remember for changing the gaming environment. You can still find the Wii if you don’t mind buying a used console, but be prepared to shell anywhere between Rs 4,000 and Rs 17,000.

Nokia E90 Communicator

In 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld San Francisco to unveil the iPhone. The same year Nokia introduced the E90 which looked like a mini laptop. Nokia wasn’t really after regular users with the E90, rather the phone was aimed at entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Just like its 9300 and 9500 predecessors, Nokia E90 had retained the original folding design. At the front, the phone looked like a standard Nokia bar form handset. But it also boasted a large internal colour screen and full Qwerty keypad.

While the design was excellent, its Symbian software felt underpowered compared to the iPhone’s iOS mobile OS. That’s where the Nokia E90 failed to take on Apple’s iPhone. Despite its unfulfilled promise of replacing a laptop, the E90 did gain a cult following similar to that early Apple Macs. The price of a brand new E90 Communicator has soared over the years. Sealed units are being sold for Rs 58,000 on Olx.