Every home needs a security checklist to make sure you’re ready for everything. No matter where you live, things happen that are out of your control. While you shouldn’t live your life in fear, you should be aware of the facts when it comes to home security.

The average loss of a single home invasion is around $2,000. You could find yourself without precious valuables and memories. There are over a million home invasions each year, and that means you could find your home as the next target if you aren’t careful. Here’s the basic home security checklist every home needs to follow regularly.

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Lock All Entryways

The first and most important step in your home security checklist should be to lock all entryways. While this is pretty obvious, you’d be surprised just how many people fail to lock things beyond their doors. Remember, windows, garage doors, and fences also count as entryways in your home.

The goal here is to make your home as difficult to enter as possible. Latched fences, locked garage doors, and locked windows all show criminals your home isn’t an easy target. Invest in smart technology to check the status of your locks through an Amazon Alexa Device anywhere in your home.

Increase Home Visibility

While most people focus on protecting yourself inside of your home, your exterior matters as well. Having an overgrown yard, for example, decreases visibility and provides a great hiding spot for would-be criminals. If your property is prone to darkness and shadows when the sun goes down, invest in spotlights and motion-detector lighting that wards off criminals.

The more visibility you have around your home, the less easy you make it for thieves. Having a heads-up about an intruder on your property also gives you the chance to call the authorities before any damage is done.

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Be Discreet with Valuables

Your valuables paint a red target on your home if you aren’t careful. Posting about your new things on social media, for instance, is a sign to intruders that you have something valuable worth taking. The same goes for flashing your valuables on your property or in easy to see parts of your home.

The same goes for any boxes left out for garbage collection. A big box showing off your latest computer is a way to draw out would-be criminals. It’s best to be inconspicuous with the things in your home, your yard, and even on your public social media profiles. You never know who has their eye on you.

Know Your Neighbors

Finally, the more comfortable you are with your neighbors, the safer your neighborhood will be. When you’re able to keep an eye on each other’s properties, you’ll get a sense for when someone’s around who doesn’t belong. You can start a neighborhood watch program to add even more protection within your local area.

There’s a lot to be gained by simply introducing yourself to your neighbors. They can even help you home look occupied even when you’re on vacation, so don’t hesitate to reach out. They most likely want extra security just as much as you do.

Taking a few protective steps with this about home security checklist will go a long way towards protecting your family. Locking your doors and windows is only the first step. From there, every other action you take shows intruders you take your security seriously and that you aren’t an easy target.