Right now, fans are either fearing the worst or convinced this is all a big stunt.

Either way British indie-rockers The 1975 have caused a frenzy in the past 24 hours, with speculation rife that the band are calling it quits and it was capped off today when the band deleted all of their social media accounts.

The peculiar activities began yesterday when frontman Matthew Healy took to Twitter and Instagram to a post a random comic strip which included some very suggestive dialogue, though Healy did not write his own comment.

“Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that?” the cryptic comic read.

Despite the deletion of the band’s social accounts, the original comic is still available online in a tweet posted by The 1975’s manager, Jamie Oborne:

“Firstly we must reclaim our identity & repossess our control of it…Until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair.”

Perhaps the most ominous piece of the comic came next as it read: “The hardest part of any relationship is to say ’goodbye’. So when we leave, with a parting ’We love you’ — we are already gone.”

This was followed up just hours ago when the band deactivated all of their social media accounts.

So are the UK quartet calling it a day? Or as fans are suggesting and quietly hoping, are they just hyping up the release for their second studio album?

A spokesperson for Sony has told TheMusic: “At this stage there is no comment to make.”