Stopping Wildfires IOT LoRA tech - Video Interview with Co-founder and CEO at Dryad Networks

My Thoughts on the Conversation

Whilst I couldn’t have not heard about the rainforest devastation in the Amazon and the bushfires of Australia, I was surprised to hear from Carsten how many forest fires happen on my geographical doorstep.

The tragedy of forest fires is three fold; huge CO2 emissions, a reduction in the natural ability to remove that CO2 and destruction of biodiversity. As such, technologies that can help prevent wildfires are definitely very interesting for all of us.

The IoT sensors Dryad has built connect across the forest using LoRA WAN wireless networks and allow sensors to be deployed that could last, theoretically, indefinitely. What I found really fascinating was the pragmatic approach to how Carsten and the team are taking to achieve significant positive impact.

Given the high percentage of wildfires that are started by human activity, they focus their efforts on deploying in areas you might expect to find humans.

Then, instead of trying to deal big fires, the technology ‘sniffs’ out the tell-tale indicators of a fire’s genesis, enabling firefighters to tackle it before it’s out of control.

I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you will too. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.