Busy people in New York and San Francisco can now enjoy their latest tech devices without having to go to the store and buy them.

Enjoy, a new startup led by Ron Johnson, provides a sophisticated personal commerce platform that lets time-poor customers order tech devices online and have them personally delivered within the day.

The two-week-old service launched a new exclusive partnership with AT&T Tuesday, to provide this free service to broad group of consumers. Enjoy is also working with other brands including Boosted, DJI, HP, Lenovo, Sonos and Specialized Bicycle.

“Our goal is to help our customers be more productive and enjoy their products,” Tom Devito, AT&T vice president and general manager for New York and New Jersey, told the Daily News. “When they want them and how they want it.”

Consumers can order any product from their partner brands on the startup’s website and an expert will deliver the product to their homes, offices or even meet up at a coffee shop. If a consumer has their own product, but they would like to get some assistance, Enjoy will meet up with them for $99.

“Enjoy was founded on the simple premise that people need help,” Johnson said in a statement.

“With Enjoy, we’re delivering the first personal commerce platform, offering an entirely new way for costumer to buy products and for our employees, and entirely new way to work.”

Ari Bloom, head of marketing and communication at Enjoy, said their employees — otherwise known as Enjoy Experts — are technology savvy and they are great when it comes to providing personal customer service. When they meet up with the client, they spend up to an hour setting up their device and teaching them how to use it.

“There are between 30 and 40 in each market,” Bloom said. “All full-time salary employees with benefits, stock in the company and they are trained for weeks before they go into the field.”

Enjoy is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. However, if the consumer is interested in ordering the service lives nearby, they may be flexible and still deliver to them.

The startup is planning to move into other cities in upcoming months, but bosses are still looking into which cities it would be smart to expand to. Enjoy will also be partnering with more brands, both established and emerging.

“Our customers tend to come in spurts so as we thought about this knowing how customers shop, often they are in a hurry,” Devito said.

“We think that in the large cities. where people are crunched in time, the demand will be big for this. We’ll have to see how it plays out.”