No matter whether you’re blogging for fun or you aim to earn a good income from your blog, a good way to monetize your blog is by going for sponsored posts.

Is sponsored posting legit?

There is certainly a great debate on the topic whether sponsored posts are legit or not. You are selling your targeted traffic a company, a product, a site or a link on the name that you’re recommending it out of interest. But in reality, it could be that you have just heard of the site 10 minutes before when you were asked to write about it.

Thus, this is the reason, writers are asked to write about a product or service, only after proper evaluation and review study.

How to write sponsored posts?

Well, you can directly deal with contacts for sponsored posts or ask for the services of providers online. While direct dealing gets you a lot more money, but it is a little difficult to search for people who want to advertise on your site.

So, how do you start with it? All you need to do is look for a site which you like and sign up. Provide them with the basic blog details, description and address and often they give you a claim sentence to publish in a post. Thus, in reality, you do have the permission to update your blog from time to time. Just add a sentence to the recent post which appears on the homepage.

Sponsored content posting

Once you’re done with the posting, you have to wait for the opportunities to come to you. As they do and they surely will, if your blog really excites the reader, check out the requirements, write another post and then reveal the URL of the new post to the system. Usually you have an automated check of the links and eventually the advertiser reviews your post. If all goes well, you will finally receive your payment by the end of the month.

Well, it appears simple and usually it is! But you have to be careful that a small change in the advertising criteria could mean that you’re being paid to write a post. Your readers deserve to be given the right info from your source. Sponsored posts are a great way to educate your readers about a product or a service or a company. However, it also serves your interest when advertisers take keen interest in your generated content and get ready to pay for in its exchange.

Your readers love your bog because you’re writing it. They come to your site to read your opinions and because they look forward to a specific kind of content. Thus, it is very important that you work with the sites which replicate your style and ethics. If you don’t relate to them in any way, it gets obvious that you’re only writing because you’re being paid. Sponsored posts are about you and your reader’s trust. So, try and come up with something which is legit, ethical and good in your own eyes. As your recommendation could become a choice for many!