Image result for Space Invaders Extreme Runs Wild On PC This February

Remember Space Invaders? It was a huge arcade hit in the 70’s, and the publishers at Taito have been riding its success since with a number of sequels and inspired spin-offs. And next month, you’ll be able to play one of its best variations to date.

Degica Games announced today that they will be publishing Space Invaders Extreme on PCstarting on February 12. The game usually sells for $19.99, but it’ll be available for ten percent off for a limited time during its launch.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Extreme originally released for Xbox 360 a few years back, and Degica, a company that specializes in re-releasing “shmup” games and other arcade titles, felt it was a perfect fit for the Steam marketplace.

Here are the features for the game, and you can check out the trailer above to see it in action. This isn’t your typical Space Invaders!


The critically acclaimed update to the Space Invaders franchise is here to invade Steam with greatly improved graphics and audio!

Packed with pulsing, vibrant visuals enhanced further by interactive sound. The invaders have evolved, the question is: can you keep up?

The Steam version adds a brand new World Ranking System for Arcade Mode. Learn the intricacies of the scoring system and use that knowledge to conquer the leaderboards!

Who will prevail in this battle to become the world champion?!

Key Features

  • 16 stages brimming with devious invader attack patterns and bosses whose strategy adapts according to the game difficulty!
  • Practice individual stages in Free Play, then go up against your rivals score in Arcade Mode!
  • Discover all the countless, hidden bonuses and boost your score to new heights!
  • Experience immersion through interactive sound with synchronized visuals. Welcome to the new invasion!

New Tracks

  • “Rave Lovers from Outer Space (Stage 5B)” by Yu Shimoda (Zunata)
  • “Future Extreme 20XX (Stage 5C)” by Cosio
  • “Ending” by Shohei Tsuchiya (Zunata)

The game should be available for pre-order on Steam very soon, and definitely something we recommend for old-school gaming fans, or those of you with an Invaders fixation. You know who you are.

If you can’t wait, you can get it on Xbox 360 now.