Moving a lot of product in a single shipment is risky. With so much stored value tied up in one operation, you need to be absolutely certain that nothing will go wrong. An ERP software solution can help you organize and track your shipment to keep your risks manageable.

Large Order Fulfillment

Large order fulfillment presents many logistical challenges. Errors can occur as your warehouse staff process the order. The volume of the information that must be managed is often beyond the capabilities of a single person. Teams working together can handle the labor requirements, but miscommunication leads to mistakes.

Barcoded locations and serialized parts allow you track the exact locations and movements of components. This makes it possible to fill orders quickly and accurately. When mistakes do happen, the database history enables your workers to resolve the problem in as short a time as possible.

Arranging for Transportation

You want your shipment to arrive at its destination on time. You also want to control the transportation price. To get the most value for your logistical expenses, you must network with multiple carriers and compare services. For single loads that you send out occasionally, you can perform this function manually by contacting different providers over the phone and asking for quotes. When you are making routine shipments, this process needs to be streamlined and integrated with routing functions in your ERP system. ERP systems should be able to automatically issue shipping documents and manifests. This is particularly important for loads that require certain declarations to meet regulations. Errors in documents that do not clarify the weight or any hazardous material onboard can lead to delays or fines.

Tracking and Customer Service

Once the freight has left your dock, it is impossible to physically verify what was on it. You must rely on the information that you collected before it left. The information you have should be as accurate as possible. It should also be easy to find when responding to a customer’s inquiry.

With an ERP tracking system your customer service representatives can communicate with your customers and provide assurances that everything is under control. It is possible to track a shipment to its destination, and also verify the contents by reviewing the data from the warehouse database.

Large shipments should always be inspected carefully to reduce the likelihood of costly errors. The faster you turn your inventory the better organized you need to be. An ERP system keeps your mass shipment processes on track and minimizes your risks.