Social Pet-Working is Breaking the Internet

Research reveals Europeans are obsessed with social blogging about their pets

JULY 2016 – It seems that ‘petfies’ are the new ‘selfies’, as research released today, reveals that almost one quarter (23%) of pet owners surveyed in Europe, admit that their pet has its own social media account.

According to the European survey, commissioned by Sony Mobile, the top social media platform for pets is Facebook (79%), with over one third (38%) revealing that their pet also has its own Instagram account.

Survey respondents revealed that it takes, on average, as many as six shots to capture the perfect image of their pet, with the majority highlighting that it takes three images to get the photograph they want proving pets are tricky to photograph in focus.



The survey was commissioned to highlight the new Xperia X smartphone from Sony Mobile. The mobile device boasts superior camera quality and Sony’s new Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, which enables pet snapping enthusiasts to track an object such as their pets and cleverly predicts its movement to ensure sharp images with minimal blur, perfect for catching a shot of an animal in action.

And when the perfect shot has been captured, it seems that sharing these pet-related posts is used as social currency to increase online popularity. Almost one third (31%) of European respondents admit that posting images of their pets generates the ‘most likes’ – more so than when they share images of their children (20%). However when asked what animal ‘wins’ the internet, for the majority of those surveyed (37%), cats are the outright winners of the internet popularity contest.

Frequent sharing is best according to the poll, as those surveyed admit to posting an image or update about their pet on their own social media channel 28 times in one month – equating to almost one image or pet-related update a day.




One fifth (20%) of those polled, admit that they would rather share images of their pet with their friends and family, than images of their partner (19%). Moreover, respondents admitted that they take more images of their pet on their smartphone (21%), than of their children (19%).

The European survey sample revealed that the top ten favourite photography subjects are:

1. Pets (21%)
2. My children (19%)
3. Landscapes (11%)
4. My friends (8%)
5. Foreign holidays (7.4%)
6. Grandchildren (7.1%)
7. Partner (6%)
8. Food (3%)
9. Animals (2.8%)
10. Architecture (1%)


Diana Hernandez, Global Product Marketing Manager, at Sony Mobile said: “We are always interested in discovering what subjects consumers like to capture images of and the research findings suggest that we are still a European nation of huge animal lovers.

“One of the main features of Xperia X’s new camera is the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, which makes it easier than ever to capture movement with sharp images and minimal blur – which is a must have feature when capturing those unpredictable and spontaneous moments with our pets.”

To put the Xperia X to the test, Sony Mobile has also launched a partnership with Port Lympne Reserve (Kent, UK) and Parque de Cabarceno (Cantabria, Spain) conservation parks. The collaboration sees the new Xperia X in the hands of the wildlife parks’ animal keepers and rangers who have been tasked with capturing incredible photography of their animals in motion.


[Source:- Sonimobile]