SideCar Will Bring You Weed Anywhere In San Francisco In Under an Hour



SideCar is launching a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco, hoping the allure of dank bud will help it catch up with more established car-hailing apps like Uber.

People who order weed will get it quickly: SideCar is promising delivery within an hour of dispensary orders. Right now, the limit on orders is one ounce per person, and there’s no set price list.

To keep things legit, SideCar is partnering withMeadow, a startup that helps people order weed online from licensed dispensaries. And anyone who tries to scribble a fake doctor’s note on a napkin will probably get turned down, since SideCar developed a new feature to verify that buyers are legally allowed to toke.

There are also limits to who can shuttle all this on-demand weed around. Drivers have to hold medical marijuana cards, and they have to join the collectives growing and selling. All in all, it sounds complicated, but potentially very lucrative- SideCar is so much smaller at this point than Uber and Lyft that it would’ve never survived if it kept trying to compete as a straight ride-hailing service, but it’s much larger and more established than the other weed delivery start-ups