Samsung And Yamaha Smart Windshield

Technology for automobiles has been progressing at a rapid pace, but the development of new technology for other forms of transportation such as motorcycles have not been as rapid.

Samsung and Yamaha, however, are making a scene with the Smart Windshield, a product of collaboration by the Italian branches of the two companies.

The technology adds a smartphone-connected display to a motorcycle’s windshield that is able to display notifications such as text messages and calls through a heads-up display. The software for the technology is meant to be hands-free, which would allow the rider to keep their hands on the motorcycle’s handlebars at all times.

The screen for the technology is transparent, and will be placed low on the motorcycle’s windshield to not be a hindrance to the vision of the driver. The Smart Windshield will connect to the rider’s smartphone through Wi-Fi, with the app on the smartphone relating information to the system such as GPS navigation and communication notifications. The app is also capable of sending an automatic reply to incoming text messages and calls to let the caller or sender know that the user is on the road.

The technology is an important one, especially for the home country of the branches involved in the project, as it promotes road safety despite the apparent risks of having riders focus on something else aside from the road.

According to reports, 25 percent of Italian youth with ages 18 years old to 24 years old are consistently distracted by smartphones while riding on motorcycles. The percentage dips to 17 percent when taking into consideration the entire population, but it is still a high figure.

Samsung and Yamaha believe that the technology will provide a way for riders to still be connected to their smartphones when on their motorcycles while reducing the distraction caused by eliminating the need for riders to physically take out their smartphones to use them.

The technology, however, is still in concept stage, with no indication on when consumers can expect the system to arrive in production models of motorcycles.


[Source:- Techtimes]