Samsung Galaxy S8

Just like a jinx haunting Samsung, there are now reports claiming that consumers in South Korea are facing a ‘red tint’ issue with their Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones.

Although the handsets doesn’t go on sale before April 21, some customers in S. Korea have already received units of their pre-ordered S8 and the S8+.

However, according to a ZDNet report, Samsung has said that the tint isn’t a quality issue and that it can be fixed in the phone’s settings menu.

Several pictures of phones with the red tint display has made its way to Instagram and other popular social media.

Another report in the Korean Herald quotes Samsung as saying, “It is not a quality problem and it can be adjusted with the phone itself. If the colour still appears to be reddish, customers can change it at the service center.”

This Instagram upload shows the red tint issue on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. (Instagram)

Interestingly, there is also a dedicated thread on Reddit now where the ‘Red tint’ issue on the Galaxy S8 is being discussed. The issue has also become a popular search phrase on Naver, which is South Korea’s local search engine.

However, the red tint issue comes at a very bad time for Samsung especially after Galaxy Note 7’s battery issue last year. But pre-orders for the S8 and S8+ has already crossed the demand for S7, the company has said.

In terms of specifications, both the S8 and S8+ will run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, though this version will be in select markets. In India, the S8 series will likely run the Exynos version. Both phones come with 4GB RAM, and there’s 64GB storage on board, which is expandable to 200GB.