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A recent report from well-known Nintendo whistleblower Emily Rogers states that four of the biggest exclusives for Wii U are being ported to the company’s new console, NX.

At this point in time, Nintendo’s successor to its struggling Wii U console is still largely a mystery. Surrounding the new platform have been a bevy of “insider” reports, faked controller pictures, and suggested launch titles, but none of them have been confirmed by the house of Mario as legitimate. While the hardware manufacturer remains mum on the topic, more rumors have arrived in regards to four major Wii U titles potentially being brought over to the new NX hardware.

Esteemed Nintendo insider Emily Rogers claims that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Mario Maker, and Splatoon are all currently being ported over to the new console. Having said that, however, Rogers went on to clarify that the latter of the two (Splatoonand Super Mario Maker) are not yet locks for the forthcoming platform due to development issues. Apparently, Nintendo is hoping to allow Wii U and NX players to interact with one another, but that’s proving to be an issue for the teams involved.

Rogers tweeted this information, but currently has a private account. With that said, these claims can be seen below.

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Even though some may be quick to dismiss these reports as simple fan banter, it should be noted that Rogers has a proven track record – most recently revealing that Paper Mario would be announced for Wii U. Obviously, that claim came to fruition shortly after being made, with Paper Mario: Color Splash being announced by the Big N during its latest Nintendo Direct presentation. With that said, these claims aren’t all that new, as previous reports seem to tie in perfectly with what is being said here.

It’s already been suggested by a consultant at Katan Games that Bandai Namco is hard at work onSuper Smash Bros. for NX, which prompted many to assume that it was likely a port given its proximity to the initial game’s release. Meanwhile, the same individual that confirmed the existence and codenames of Pokemon Sun and Moon has confirmed that the forthcoming The Legend of Zeldagame on Wii U will also launch on NX.

Porting these titles over could be huge selling points for consumers that missed out on the Wii U, and perhaps those that have already picked up the games will receive some sort of cross-buy incentive to upgrade to NX. Of course, this is simply speculation on our end, but porting Super Smash Bros. over to the Nintendo NX is something we suggested long before reports backed up such an idea. Furthermore, cross-play and data sharing between versions could be hugely beneficial for Nintendo as it attempts to create an ecosystem of sorts across all of its platforms – especially since Nintendo claims it has no plans to discontinue its Wii U this year.

Do you think porting these titles over to the NX is a good move? Would you repurchase any of these titles for the new platform? Get at us in the comments.


[Source:- Gamerant]