Rhinoplasty procedures involves reshaping or restructuring your nose, to create a visual and functional difference in the nose. Rhinoplasty procedures are often done to improve the breathing functions of the nose, or to change and/or heighten the aesthetic appeal of the nose. If you do consider rhinoplasty as an option, it is important to consult surgeons and perform your own research before taking the next step. One important factor is to look at techniques and equipment used, and to consult your surgeon about any complications that can arise during surgery.

The first fact to consider is that it is important to have realistic expectations about the end result of your surgical procedure. Keep in mind that your surgeon will be able to alter your nose to reach ideal proportions for your face, and may not be able to restructure your nose to match that of someone else’s. Make sure to talk to your surgeon about what your nose will look like in the future, and try and see if you can look at computer simulations to see what your nose will probably look like after the procedure.
When looking for a surgeon, make sure to consult all available resources to ensure that you make the right decision, and choose a surgeon that will work best with you. Speak to friends and family members on personal recommendations for plastic surgeons in your area, and look at websites and other online forums to see if there are popular plastic surgeons. By looking online, you will be able to read customer reviews and testimonials, and see what the plastic surgeon specializes in. Try and contact the surgeon as well, and talk to him before setting up an appointment for the procedure. Make sure to talk to him about your own expectations and about your ideal nose, so that the surgeon will know what you are looking for after the procedure.
Another important fact to consider is that these procedures are not often covered by health insurance. Plastic surgery is often considered to be done for aesthetic purposes, rather than for health purposes. Since this kind of procedure is not covered by health insurance, ensure that you will be able to afford the cost of the procedure, along with the cost of after-care. Keep in mind that the procedure is often lengthy in nature, and can take a number of weeks, depending on the set of procedures performed by your surgeon. Your nose will take a few weeks to fully heal as well, so ensure that you will be able to care for yourself during this time.

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