Resources for New Internet Marketers
Since the dawn of its inception, the internet has been a fluid ocean of information.

If you are looking to tap into the web to earn extra income or to start a marketing career, there are some places you should start. From marketing automation to manual applications, not all websites and tools are created equally, and time is money. Here’s a list of some resources that will help you stay on top of the latest news and developments in the internet marketing industry.


Coding Tools

Webmaster Tools – This is the basic tool to monitor errors on your website, both external and internal. You can also track your visitors and keywords as well.

Page Speed Test – Google did a study that found that page load time is VERY important to how long visitors stay on a site. This test allows you to find ways to improve your web site’s page load time.

Hootsuite – This free service allows you to combine and manage multiple social profiles in one easily manageable platform.

SEO Tools

Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool – This is the core tool of any internet marketer. This tool is a great way to perform keyword research for your website or clients. Be mindful that this is a PPC tool particularly for Google Adwords.

Copyscape – The free version of Copyscape allows you to scan a page on your site to see if it has been copied. The premium version scans the web to see if a document is original. This is useful to avoid Google penalties, especially if you will be contracting out your writing.

SEO Quake – This add-on is available for Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. This handy addon retrieves useful information such as Google PageRank, age, position, etc. for a site on each search results page. It also helps you diagnose issues.


SEO Chat – This is an open forum with tons of helpful people asking and answering questions about SERPs.

Black Hat World – Despite the shady name, this forum actually has a lot of useful and ethical information for new marketers. There is a lot of black hat tactics discussed there as well, and it will be useful to know what marketing tactics to avoid, and what other might be using against you.

Digital Point – This is an old forum that boasts approximately 50,000 active members that focus on internet marketing.

As with all forums, take care in whose advice you take since there are spammers and scammers out there.

News and Blogs

Search Engines’ Blogs – There are no better way to get news than from the source. Stay on top of search engine market by seeking out the latest news from Google’s blog. However, they are not alone as Bing provides tons of useful info for internet marketers via their own blog as well.

Webmaster Radio – This is a station dedicated to webmasters. If you don’t have time to read, or just want another way to learn information, this is a great choice.

Moz (formally SEOMoz) – They have been around forever and have built up a solid reputation for both internet marketing tools and information. They also make it easy for beginners by putting complex information inter layman terms.

This is not a complete list of all marketing resources you will use as an internet marketer. That is the nature of the web as it stays in its state of flux. However, these resources will help you learn the basics and allow you to take your knowledge to the next level.