Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video Features Encounter with Bugs and Marguerite Baker

Capcom officially releases gameplay video for its forthcoming survival-horror title Resident Evil 7 that features encounters with bugs and Marguerite Baker.

With the release of Resident Evil 7 drawing ever closer, Capcom has decided to give fans a closer look at some of the forthcoming survival-horror title’s in-game experiences. Recently, the developer unveiled a video teasing the game’s Jack Baker boss fight, and now the company has released another bit of footage containing more action with the protagonist coming across swarms of bugs and the villainous family’s matriarch, Marguerite Baker.

As seen in the gameplay video for Resident Evil 7 below, the title’s main character Ethan takes lots of cautious steps while exploring the Bakers’ elaborate, yet dilapidated plantation, but even his careful trepidation leads to frightening encounters. As it happens, Maguerite Baker is behind the scares, as she not only seems to control a horde of what appear to be giant, flying wasps, but also she contains supernatural strength with her ability to toss Ethan down a flight of stairs with ease.

Prior to the release of this specific gameplay video for Resident Evil 7, early reports have suggested that both Jack and Marguerite of the Baker family act in a dynamic manner, with the encounters supposedly being reminiscent of the mechanics for the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation. That said, taking this recent bit of Resident Evil 7 gameplay into consideration, Ma Baker definitely seems capable of almost anything.

Obviously, the Baker clan won’t be the only villains that players should fear while they’re playing Resident Evil 7. As a matter of fact, another frighting foe fans will come across are the malformed monsters creeping around the mansion in search of sustenance. Without a doubt, players will need to stay on their toes in order to survive against these creatures that go bump in the night.

Should Resident Evil 7 fans want to get a taste of what the action in the final product of the game will hold, they can currently check out the title’s Beginning Hour demo, which is only available on PlayStation 4 at the moment. Nevertheless, gamers on other platforms ought to be able to try it out for themselves soon enough, as the trial will come to Xbox One and PC this month. Owners of Microsoft’s console can download it tomorrow, December 9, while personal computing players will have to wait for it a mite longer, as the demo drops on December 19.

Now that there’s only little less than two months to go before Resident Evil 7 releases, this most recent piece of gameplay footage adds to a sizeable portion of reveals when it comes to what fans should expect in the official title. Of course, as the days and weeks draw closer to the game’s launch, fans will likely learn even more details about the sinister Baker family, their abilities, and how they tie into the overall plot of Resident Evil 7.