Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: How to Unlock Both Endings

Capcom releases the third and final demo update for Resident Evil 7, which adds a handgun, a monster, and two different endings for players to unlock.

After months of players trying to figure out how to escape the Baker family house in Resident Evil VII, Capcom has finally made it possible. The Beginning Hour demo now has two distinct endings players can unlock after its Midnight Version update, though unlocking the endings is easier said than done.

One ending is the “bad” or “infected” ending, and the other actually sees the demo’s hero escape the house in one piece. Here’s how to unlock both endings in the Resident Evil VII demo.

1. Infected Ending

The hardest ending to get is the Infected ending. From the start point, crouch down by pushing in the right stick and take note of the handle in the fireplace. Pull it to open a secret panel on the wall next to the bookshelf. Go inside and collect the fuse off the crate here. Place the fuse in the fuse box on the wall near the piano, and then go upstairs.

Press the button on the post to reveal the attic stairs. Go into the attic, ignore the phone, and head into the room with the bed and trashcan. Some handgun ammo can be collected from underneath the bed, and sometimes there’s additional bullets sitting on top of the crates in this room. The most important item, though, is the basement key on the table.

At this point, players will want to retrieve the axe to smash some crates. To get the axe, pick up the lockpick while in the VHS tape flashback (located on the floor between the refrigerator and the counter with the microwave), and use it on the cabinet drawer in the kitchen. Back in the present, go to that same drawer to get the axe.

Back in the present, take note of the moldy door that was locked in the Twilight Version update. It’s no longer locked, so head on through, and then go straight down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, players will find a gated door that can be unlocked with the basement key. Use the key and walk down the stairs into the dark basement. Grab the valve off the gurney, and then go into the adjacent room with the shelves to get the attic key.


At this point, one of the Baker family’s failed experiments will appear. Known as the “molded,” these grotesque, slimy creatures have fangs and sharp claws. Maneuver around it and try to escape back up the stairs. Jack Baker will block the door, but there is still hope to make it out alive. Wait for the monster to come into the room, and then put one of the hanging bodies between it and yourself. Kick the body into the monster to knock it down, and then use that time to kick the door open. Take the valve to the pipe in the bathroom, turn it to drain the toilet bowl, and then grab the handgun.

Of course, a handgun is useless without ammo, so it’s time to go around the house and collect as much ammo as possible. There’s handgun bullets scattered all over the house, like on the shelf in the bathroom hallway and some under the bed in the attic. Even more ammo can be found by smashing the crates. Players will want to amass about six bullets if they hope to kill the monster.

With sufficient ammo, return to the basement and face the monster head on. Shooting it in the head with about six bullets should be enough to kill it, but if not, the axe can be used to finish it off. Keep in mind that it’s safer to attack the beast with the axe after it’s been knocked down by one of the body bags. When the monster dies, it will cover players with black ooze. When the fight is over, return to the attic and try to escape by climbing the ladder to be treated to a chilling cut-scene.



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