Pixel, Pixel XL Hit by New Volume Bug; Google Confirms Fix Coming Soon in Software Update

Google’s first Pixel phones are no doubt the best Android hardware devices available right now in the market but they are too plagued with issues. Users have reported several issues including major freezing camera and interface issues, early battery shutdown issues, issues with Android file transfer app for Mac, LTE connectivity issues and audio distortion issues at high volumes. Google recently confirmed that Pixel smartphone’s audio distortion problem was a hardware issue. It turns out that a new volume bug has hit the device.

PhoneArena reports that a Pixel user experienced an issue with volume on the smartphone where the volume first stopped while a media was running and on touch, it increased to 115 percent which was weird. On the user’s query, Google’s Support team responded, “Google has already identified this as a known issue and is working to resolve this and a few others as soon as possible by way for an update.”

Google hasn’t confirmed whether the volume bug issue has affected users across several markets but considering the team confirmed that an update is on the way reveals that this may be an issue affecting large number of users.

The team added that the new volume bug issue wasn’t hardware but a software-related issue, and can be fixed via an update. “The good news is that this is not a hardware issue but a software one,” the team added. At this moment, it isn’t clear when Google will release the software update to fix the volume bug issue. By now, Google Pixel and Pixel XL users must be used to the frequent updates to fix several issue on the device.




[Source:- Gadgets360]