We’ve been hearing about the windows 8.1-based Money penny for some time now. Now, prolific tipster @evleaks has tweeted a screenshot belonging to a device that’s supposedly Money penny. Curiously, the leaked image clearly presentations that the device will come with dual SIM slot, which means that it will be the first twin-SIM home windows phone tool.

The screenshot of the alleged Nokia Money penny windows telephone tool additionally shows 3G connectivity on each SIMs. One will also discover that the leaked screenshot presentations are living Tiles on the beginning monitor for Nokia Mix Radio, right here Maps, internet Explorer, images, Skydive, Microsoft place of job, Instagram, Asphalt 8 and Vine app for home windows telephone.

First dual-SIM WP device

First twin-SIM WP software

The screenshot additionally displays on-reveal navigation control buttons for back, start and Bing search. Earlier this month, we learnt that Microsoft plans to include on-screen buttons within the windows phone eight.1 version, just as we see in Android devices. If the screenshot is to be believed, future Microsoft devices could come with on-screen navigation controls as an alternative of capacitive buttons. Some experiences counsel that Money penny home windows cellphone instrument is also launched as the Lumia 630 or Lumia 635.

Rumors are rife that Nokia is working on two windows cellphone eight.1 devices–Gold finger and Money penny. It must be cited that both codenames are reference to characters from the James Bond canon. Whereas Gold finger is alleged to be the company’s flagship device, nothing so much is famous about Money penny.