Japanese car manufacturer Nissan continues its foray into the world of robotics with a series of experimental motorised chairs. The furniture in question looks pretty nondescript by all accounts, except these ones will automatically guide themselves under a designated table or desk when they hear a certain number of claps.

So how does it all work? Well, Nissan have taken a normal chair designed by Okamura (a Japanese furniture firm that specialises in ergonomic workstations and office chairs) and fitted a series of motors to drive the wheels at its base. The chairs themselves a controlled over Wi-Fi via a series of four motion-sensitive cameras positioned around a room, which direct the chairs to neatly fill gaps on a given table.

As you can see from the video above, the idea is actually pretty cool (and very, very Japanese) – but sadly these robo thrones won’t be making their way onto the commercial market any time soon. The tech was actually used as a publicity stunt to promote Nissan’s new intelligent parking assist technology – because if it park a chair properly, it can help you park a car just as easily!


[Source:- t3]