Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

Dan Diebold has caused a storm this week by publishing photos of an early Nintendo PlayStation prototype over on the Reddit website.

Only 200 Nintendo PlayStation consoles where produced and his Dad apparently had the game console in the attic and acquired it after a company he worked for went bankrupt.

During the July 4th celebrations Diebold dropped back into his Dad’s house and took some better photos and some video describing what he has, which can be seen below.

The console was created when Sony partnered with Nintendo to create a peripheral that would allow the Super NES to play CD games, as well as developing a Sony-branded device that would play both SNES games and SNES-CD games.

At the current time Diebold has no plans for the system but is going to find the correct power supply and carefully turn the system on to find out what might be on the unbranded cartridge that was stored with the console.

As soon as any more information is published regards what may be on the blank cartridge we will keep you updated as always. Its also thought that Diebold’s Dad may put the console up for auction at a later date.


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