Rockstar today released a new patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. It introduces a variety of fixes, but also reportedly kills the ability to use mods, something that wasn’t officially supported in the first place.

The 350.1 patch focuses exclusively on dealing with bugs, crashes, and stability issues, as detailed in Rockstar’s patch notes. This includes making it so you can alt-tab back into the Steam version of the game, resolving an issue where the game would freeze when a store is robbed while a player is buying snacks, and addressing clipping issues when talking in-game selfies.

Also fixed is an issue where players were losing their saved cars. When driving a new car from the street into a full garage, one of the saved cars would be replaced without any warning. Rockstar previously advised players to ensure garages they entered with a new car had empty space, but this is thankfully no longer a problem with patch 350.1 installed.

What is now a problem with 350.1 is mod support. Although the game doesn’t officially support mods, players have found ways to make them work; we’ve highlighted some of these creations–snow, bike-riding cows, rude whales, ragdoll physics–over the past few weeks.

According to members of the modding community, today’s patch renders Script Hook V, a tool used for GTA V mods, unusable. This is forcing those who wish to continue using mods to revert to older versions of the patch, which you can only do if you’ve made backups ahead of time or are willing to download older files online from unofficial sources.

[ Source :- gamespot ]