Microsoft’s new, but ever-so-slightly obtuse. selfie app has just received a new update that’s made it considerably easier to share your self-focused shots with the wider world. Yes, Microsoft Selfie can finally live up to its name.

Released at the tail end of last year, Microsoft Selfie made is incredibly easy to take and adjust pictures of yourself, but uploading said snaps to social media platform of your choosing felt significantly less intuitive. The new update to the iOS-based software aims to address this with a single button that posts your shots direct to Facebook (with another quick-access menu available for accessing other sharing apps).

There’s a selection of other tweaks Microsoft has added to the mix, including some fresh adjustments to its user interface that make manipulating your captured mug even smoother and easier. There’s still no news on a version for Android or, ironically, Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform, but should Microsoft Selfie prove a hit, there’s always a chance it’ll get rolled out to others.


[Source:- t3]