New Pokemon Confirmed for Pokemon GO, More Details to Follow Next Week

Niantic, Inc. officially confirms that brand new Pokemon are going to be on their way to Pokemon GO, with more details set to follow within the next week.

If there was any one reason that Pokemon GO couldn’t maintain its strong early momentum, it’s that new content for the game didn’t arrive quickly enough. It seems that the team at Niantic, Inc. is aware of this shortcoming, as it seems that the app’s roster of monsters is set to increase sooner rather than later.

A tweet posted by the official Pokemon Twitter account earlier this morning states that more Pokemon are coming to Pokemon GO. While there’s no timeframe attached to the message, it does note that more details are on their way on December 12.

This has been a big week for Pokemon GO. First, a major collaboration between Niantic and Starbucks was unveiled by a leaked employee memo, which revealed that players will be able to enjoy a Pokemon-themed drink at the coffee chain starting this Thursday — which may or may not be connected to a new Pokemon being added to the game.

Today, it was confirmed that U.S. cellular provider Sprint will turn more than 10,000 of its locations into Pokestops where players can grab handy items. Niantic certainly seems to be working with partners to revitalize the Pokemon GO playerbase, and a new crop of monsters to capture would definitely help bolster a soft re-launch.

Now that we know that new creatures are on their way to Pokemon GO, fans are sure to be speculating about which monsters will be added to the game’s Pokedex. The three legendary birdsfrom the original generation and Mewtwo are yet to join its roster, but even bigger plans could well be afoot.

We already know that the long-term plan for the game included the addition of Pokemon from subsequent generations. It stands to reason that Niantic would turn to the creature introduced in Gold and Silver next, but it’s not the only option that the developer could pursue.

Given the enormous success of Sun and Moon over the last few weeks, introducing some Pokemon from the Alola region could be a potent form of cross-promotion. It’s difficult to predict where Niantic is planning to take Pokemon GO from here on out, but hopefully the studio will be able to recapture the magic that made the game such a hit over the summer.