Oppo has been known to introduce a little innovation in the smartphone industry. Most known are Oppo’s introduction of 1080p displays into smartphones and the introduction of VOOC, Oppo’s blazing fast charging system, faster than Qualcomm’s Quickcharge 2.0.

Oppo seems to be making a left turn following close behind HTC with a new phone’s hardware leaks. The new hardware features a unibody metal design that looks almost exactly like an iPhone 6 Plus. HTC at least centered the camera lens on the back of the HTC One A9but Oppo decided to keep it right where the iPhone has it, only changing the orientation of the LED flash.

The Chinese company even has the bottom-firing speaker grille, charging port, and 3.5mm headphone jack identically laid out on the underside of the phone.

Is there a new trend among smartphone manufactures to “take inspiration” from Apple? Maybe. Perhaps Oppo is aiming for markets that are over saturated with mid to low range smartphones and trying to stand out by looking like an easily recognizable high end smartphone.