Apple logoApple said its first fall in sales in thirteen years on Tuesday. income were down around $8bn (£five.5bn) in comparison with this time closing year and its shares have fallen nearly 20% in the final twelve months.

at the same time as it’s fair to mention the firm remains a protracted manner from the breadline – it has around $200bn in offshore reserves by myself – many see the information as a sign that the winning formula it has upheld for goodbye is no longer enough.

So in which subsequent for the billion dollar enterprise? The BBC asked the professionals.
The enterprise analyst
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photo caption iPhone sales have slowed

Ben wooden from CCS insight specialises in scrutinising the tech industry.

virtual truth, which chief executive Tim prepare dinner has already declared an area of outstanding potential, and the tons-rumoured Apple vehicle ought to each prove extraordinarily beneficial for the tech large, he believes.

He also thinks Apple should set its attractions at the doubtlessly beneficial Indian market.

even though it is a difficult project for Apple to promote complete fee iPhones in India, the sheer scale of the populace and ability for phone adoption cannot be ignored,” he said.

Failing that, Apple should take at the likes of Amazon and Sky as a prime content provider, Mr wooden argued.

“Apple has a big coins pile that would permit it to without difficulty purchase the rights to main sporting activities or other hot content material areas,” he stated.

“Given its capacity to distribute content to the large installed base of affluent Apple tool proprietors, this could be a new direction for the organisation.”
The environmentalist
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picture caption Apple turned its leaves inexperienced for world Earth Day

chief policy Adviser Martin Baxter from the Institute of Environmental management & assessment also believes automobiles are a smart move for the firm, but no longer necessarily the self sufficient kind.

“With air first-class issues inside the news, truly electric powered automobiles have the ability to lessen harmful emissions – if we’ve got renewable strength to generate the electricity,” he stated.

“Apple has a big role to play in both the car, and strength harvesting, making the process more efficient. it might be a very new market for them and might additionally deal with the ones challenges.”

Liam, Apple’s iPhone recycling robot, is all very well, however Mr Baxter wants to see the company move in addition.
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image caption Apple says its new recycling machine, Liam, will allow it reuse greater of the additives of discarded phones

they might do greater on repairability,” he said.

it is incredible that they are able to get better material but what we need is extra product sturdiness.”

That won’t assist boost sales but.
The generation journalist
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photograph caption Apple incrementally updates its devices each yr

Cam Bunton, editor of 9to5Mac, believes Apple desires to pop out with its next landscapechanging product.

“As a tech fanatic Apple is quite uninteresting,” says Mr Bunton.

“They launch stuff a few times a yr, it’s usually much like what they’ve achieved already. it’s an amazing approach and makes them masses of money though,” he says.

“That stated, I think the iPhone SE is an crucial tool for folks that perhaps need all of the overall performance and spec of an iPhone however haven’t been able to afford one.”

Mr Bunton also referred to as for more openness from the notoriously secretive organisationhowever conceded that possibly this is part of its appeal.

“I would love them to share greaterprevent pretending developing tech is a big secret that no one else is doing.

however I bet that’s what has made them successful – the secrecy builds up pleasure so once they release some thing it sounds ultra-modern,” he stated.
The accountant

Graham Seddon, associate and era area expert at accountancy firm Menzies, also thinks the iPhone is entering its twilight years.

“Even the best product, from the finest logo, has a lifecycle so one can cease,” he said.

“The macroeconomic factors of a sturdy US dollar and slowing increase in China have had an impact, alongside the continued competition inside the phone market as other manufacturers have performed seize-up.

“For the instant, Apple’s Tim cook appears to be adamant that the dip in performance is merely a ‘pause’ in increase and he seems to be in denial that international demand for iPhones ought to at remaining be waning.

we are able to have to wait and see if merchandise like the Apple Watch, iPad or maybe the ‘Apple car‘ can assist to power up revenues over again.”
The net scientist
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photograph caption Apple could use its watch to open up new avenues in health monitoring

“Take the bottom that you‘ve got and keep innovating,” says Professor Les Carr from the college of Southampton.

“I don’t be a part of within the clamour for Apple having to deliver another landmark product such as iPhone.

“What Apple do is deliver out generation that offers a sure degree of innovation then incrementally enhance it. I think they are not one for releasing one million products onto the marketplace and seeing which one flies.”

Prof Carr thinks there may be yet more ability within the Apple Watch, and also believes its foray into fitness and well being with its Apple health tracking provider will prove successful.

personal health is going to be a big marketplace and Apple has the product to leverage that.”