Motorola Nexus

Even though Motorola and Google are no longer part of a union, there have been reports of the two companies working closely for the development of future products. One such rumor is now hinting that the next Nexus smartphone could be made by Motorola, carrying a 5.9 inch display. Other aspects of the device remain a secret at the moment, but it is said that the handset will have the codename.

The codename was reportedly spotted on a build number over at Google’s issue tracker. It appears to be coming from a company which has had the history of having early access to devices, which is certainly positive news.

Much like last year, the 2014 Nexus flagship will reportedly break cover in November. It is believed that the handset will also have a fingerprint scanner keeping in line with the recent trend.

Motorola was known to be hesitant towards the larger form factor, but things could have changed now as the company looks to adapt to the market situation. But all things considered, this is only a rumor for now and we suggest you take it with the usual dosage of salt.

[ Source :- Thedroidguy ]