Motorola appears to be gearing up to introduce an extremely-reasonably priced smartphone for value-aware shoppers international, as indicated by way of the Google-owned firm’s chief.

Motorola’s chief got Dennis Woodside, in an interview with Trusted Reviews, has indicated that the firm may launch a smartphone with a value tag of $50. On the other hand, Woodside did now not share any small print about the unnamed smartphone’s innards or availability.

Woodside stated, “We’re going to seem at that and simply turning in on that price promise is tremendous essential. I imply why can’t these units be $50? There’s no cause that can’t occur so we’re going to push that.”

Moreover, Woodside claimed that Motorola would revolutionize the price range smartphone phase, whereas for the excessive-finish section the firm is stated to convey in more desirable customization choices in smartphones.

Motorola launched two main units remaining yr.: the flagship smartphone, Moto X which was once firstly aimed at the US market, and the later introduced the Moto G, which was once mentioned to be an instrument manufactured fort worth-aware customers globally.

Not too long ago, Motorola’s CEO was quoted on price strategy as pronouncing, “There will be completely different telephones at completely different value factors however we’re going to be very aggressive there.”

Prior on Wednesday, Motorola, putting an end to speculation about the Moto G’s India launch, tested it would announce the funds smartphone for the country on February 5.

Motorola officially unveiled the Moto G smartphone at an adventure in Sao Paulo, Brazil in November closing yr. The Motorola Moto G has been mentioned to be on hand in at least 30 nations with 60 Google companions by using 2014. The Moto G is at the moment on sale in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, UK, Germany, France, and Canada and is now also available in selective countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.