Moto G4 Plus Bluetooth Share 7.0 Issue Gets an Unofficial Fix

A workaround has surfaced to temporarily fix an issue that appears to be affecting several Moto G4 Plus customers. A significant number of Moto G4 Plus users have complained of late that they are unable to access Bluetooth service on their smartphone, according to a report.

The issue resides in how Google Play Protect, a security mechanism the Android-maker recent introduced, interacts with the Bluetooth Share 7.0 system app on the Moto G4 Plus, Android Police reported. Google Play Protect, the report said, is incorrectly flagging the system component, causing the Bluetooth to shut off. The issue is affecting Moto G4 Plus running Android Nougat 7.0 software.

Then, the report added, Google Play Protect prompts Moto G4 Plus users to remove Bluetooth Share 7.0 from their phones, as it continues to think that something is wrong with the app. In general, the ability to tell when an app is behaving suspiciously is a feature of Google Play Protect.

However, in this case, it can share part of the blame. While Moto (Lenovo) and Google work to fix the problem, a user was able to find a workaround, the report noted. The user said that instead of performing a factory reset on the phone in order to get back Bluetooth Share 7.0 app back, users could try resetting application settings.

One can do so by going to Settings > Applications > Reset Application Settings on their Moto G4 Plus smartphone. This workaround brings back the Moto G4 Plus, though it also resets all user-defined settings for other apps. Between performing a factory reset on the phone and losing your preferences you had set, the former might be more convenient.