A cavalcade of conjecture. A spree of speculation. That’s right. It’s the iPhone 7 rumours, deals and specs round-up.
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When is Apple’s iPhone 7 on sale?

iphone 7 release date

A number of putative launch dates are doing the rounds right now, but the most credible are probably September 6th and September 13th. Both of which are Tuesdays and tie in with Apple’s preference for that day for launch events.

The date the phone will go on sale is also shrouded in secrecy.

However judging by previous years, you’ll be able to pre-order your iPhone 7 three days after the grand unveiling.

That’s way ahead of the phone’s arrival on shop shelves two weeks after the big reveal.

How much will the iPhone 7 cost?

iphone 7 cost

iPhone 7 pricing hasn’t been confirmed. But assuming it’s in line with earlier iPhones, expect to pay about £40-£45 per month from day one.

That should be enough to spare you having to pay an upfront charge. But depending on the network you choose, a small fee may still apply.

Want the phone SIM-free? Once again, the asking price has yet to be confirmed. But Apple usually keeps prices steady from year-to-year.

If so, the entry-level 16GB iPhone 7 is likely to come in at £459 or so. If you want the high-end 128GB edition of the same phone, you’re looking at about £699.

We don’t yet know if they’ll be a Plus phablet version of the iPhone 7. But we do know that the larger screen will definitely cost extra.

The cheapest 16GB model of the iPhone 6S Plus is priced £619 and the top-of-the-range edition with 128GB of storage comes in at £789. So take that as your guide.

iPhone 7 rumours round-up

Breathless iPhone 7 rumours ‘R’ us; this is where you’ll get the juicy gossip to keep you informed about everything the next-generation iPhone has got to offer.

Plug me in

iphone 7 battery

According to reports, Apple will fit the iPhone 7 with a 3,100mAh battery. That’s 12.5% larger than the iPhone 6S Plus.

The upside is that ought to mean the iPhone 7 lasts longer. The downside is that it’s likely the phone might be thicker to accommodate the larger battery.

I’d rather jack

Word is that for the first time ever the iPhone 7 will ditch the headphone jack.

Instead you’ll connect your headphones via the Lightning dock port. That’s the aperture at the bottom of the phone that’s normally used for charging.

Apple is also rumoured to be developing wireless headphones of its own, eliminating the need for any sort of wired connection to the phone.

Space is the place

iphone 7 storage

Even in the Cloud storage era, it’s still far too easy to run out of room for files, photos, videos and tunes on your handset.

Presumably that’s why Apple is reportedly set to double the onboard storage of the top-of-the-range iPhone to a whopping 256GB this year.

Water me

But this time it seems the tech-maker will go the whole hog. By boosting the phone’s water-resistance, so it’s even more capable of withstanding an accidental dip in the bath. And actually mentioning that in its ads.

It takes two

isight camera iphone 7

Apple is said to be substantially overhauling the iPhone’s camera for 2016 and replacing the current one with an all-new dual snapper that serves up what are described as ‘DSLR quality’ snaps.

The bad news is that apparently the dual camera is purportedly reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus and won’t be on board the standard-sized handset.

Want a closer look at the dual-camera on the iPhone 7? Here’s our quick and easyguide to what to expect.

In the air tonight

li-fi iphone 7

Instead of Wi-Fi that uses radio waves to move data wirelessly, talk is that the iPhone 7 will feature so-called Li-Fi tech that uses light spectrum and is much faster.

The upshot? Downloads will zip by, giving Apple a major selling point over its rivals.

Get a more comprehensive look at what Li-Fi could mean for the iPhone 7 here:iPhone 7 Li-Fi: 5 things you need to know.

Remake, remodel

An insider cited by MacRumors claims that designer Jonathan Ive is streamlining the shape of the iPhone 7 and that the thinner phone will ditch the iPhone 6S’s protruding camera lens and plastic antenna bands.

However, in what would be a major break with Apple’s habit of overhauling the look of the iPhone every two years, apparently the design won’t be much changed from the iPhone 6S.

Part of the process

Initial word was that Samsung is manufacturing some of the A10 processors for the next iPhone. However, that’s since been denied.

The last iPhone was a lot more resistant to water than anyone realised. But Apple opted not to mention its improved waterproof credentials in marketing material.

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