Is your boss giving you a hard time? You can now unload all the pent up frustrations from your workplace anonymously – thanks to a new smartphone app.

The app, called Memo, allows workers to anonymously post messages about their employers.

Workers from organisations like Oracle, Cisco, HP, eBay, Delta Airlines and more are logging on to share their views and experiences on everything from workplace culture, policies and managerial style, ‘SFGate’ reported.

Memo users are verified through LinkedIn or a corporate email address and Memo immediately deletes identifying data about a person, the company said.

The app comprises a public message board that can be viewed by all users, as well as a private board that is limited to employees of a given company.

The app permits users to post memos, comment on existing memos and links to websites.

Users will soon be able to upload files, including photographs and documents to the app’s public and private streams.

Memo founder Ryan Janssen said he engineered the app to create a space for employees to share feedback about company policies and practices.

“These conversations are taking place on Memo, both publicly and privately,” Janssen said