With Movavi Video Editor, you gets a second chance to make your video right by fixing all the shortcomings. By using the video editor to edit your videos, you no longer have to leave them in the camera roll folder without making alteration to it. There are various types of video editing tools in Movavi Video Editor that you can use to transform the raw video footage into a professional video. Video editing will enhance the video so that the viewers will find it more interesting to watch. It is easier for the audience to follow through the video and understand what it is talking about after all the errors in the video have been corrected.

After you have shot enough video clips, you must get them imported into Movavi Video Editor. You can plug in your camcorder with the USB cable and drag the video clips from the camera roll folder into the timeline. After getting your video clips loaded into the timeline, it is time to arrange the clips and put each of them in the correct place before you start to really edit them. The scissor tool allows you to trim down a video clip that is too long. You can put the red marker on the point where you want to cut off and press the scissor button to split it.

Movavi Video Editor offers users with the capability of adding background music in the video. Most videos have some background music but it doesn’t mean that it is necessary for your video to have a background music. If you decide to add music in the video, you should find one that is suitable for the video content. You can compose your own music or use a royalty free music as the background music of the video. You can also obtain the background music from the public domain project.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to fix issues like too mush yellow light, poor lighting, incorrect white balance, conflict in light sources and etc, You can speed up or slow down the video by going to the properties. The fast or slow motion effect that is applied onto the video look smooth and professional just as if the video is shot with a professional fast or slow motion camera filter. You can increase or lower the volume level by dragging the volume slider in properties. To mute the audio in the video clip, you should select the audio track which is located beneath the video track in the timeline and press the Del key. Movavi Video Editor allows you to edit the sound track in the Audio tab in Properties.

Movavi Video Editor comes with many filters that can make your video look different. If you want to add transition effects, make sure you don’t overdo it by using no more than 4 transitions. Drawing your attentions to transition effects too much can make the video look unprofessional so it is best to just use simple transition effects for the video.