On Thursday, the Maharashtra government, while unleashing all its powers said that Madrasas or any other Islamic institutions who do not abide by the state dictated education system and lack to provide formal education will be considered as “non-school” and children studying in them as “out of school” students. Furthermore, institutions of these kinds will not be qualified for state financing until they show subjects like Science, Mathematics and Social Science.

Madrasas are the holy establishment for the study of Islamic religious philosophy and religious law. The Madrasa system of education is linked to the mosque and the traditions that preserved the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad.

With the rise of conflict of interest between the Maharashtra government and the Madrasas, the Center on Friday sought to pacify the uneasiness between the two. The center stated that, “Madrasas are reality of India and that there should be no politics on the issue.”

According to a report in PTI,  Union Minority Affairs Minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “I have assured the Madrasas that the government favours education for all and I want to assure them that funds won’t be a constraint.

He further added in the report that the current government is inclined towards inclusive growth.The Madrasas are delicate issue and is being focused at Muslim empowerment.

Furthermore, the Union Minister slammed the prior Congress led-government for bringing in Right to Education (RTE) and not recognising Madrasas as educational institutions.